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MGD: Should I get my uppers plugged?

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  • MGD: Should I get my uppers plugged?

    I already have my lowers plugged and they helped tremendously. I've been told I have MGD and evaporative dry eyes. How helpful would it be to get my uppers plugged too? My reasoning is it'd take more time for tears to evaporate.

    Anyone with MGD who experienced relief after double plugs?

    Thanks for reading!

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    I had lowers then both lowers and uppers. I have both aquaueous def. and MGD. initially the uppers helped but they caused a set of their own problems. I would get the occasion overflow that would seep above my upper eyelid and dry to a crust. When i'd overflow again, it would rehydrate whatever dried up on my lids and seep back down into my eyes causing excessive burning. Also if i did anything mildy active, I'd overflow to the point where I would have problems seeing. Regardless though, I'm glad I tried them, the relief I had was refreshing while it lasted. I say it's worth trying at the very least. You can always have them removed if they cause more problems.

    Incidentally aren't you on Sclerals? I thought those lenses trapped moisture and you wouldn't need plugs then.



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      Thanks for sharing your experience! I hope you are feeling a bit better and better each day.

      I have sclerals, but they're not as comfortable as I'd hoped so I only use them during flare-ups. Ideally, I'd like to improve the quality of my tears the best I can by eating healthy, supplements, warm compresses, lid scrubs, etc. I'm also going to give acupuncture another try.It may be a slow process, but I truly believe that our body has the capability to heal itself.


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        I have mgd and I've had the upper puncti closed more than once and I've regretted it each time. It was burny overflow and blurred vision, only occasionally feeling "refreshing". I know some people are dry enough to like having uppers and lowers plugged.