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Plugs for severe DES

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  • Plugs for severe DES

    I've plugged my lowers today. The caps are not bothering me much, maybe because I've used contacts for many years at a time when they were not as advanced as they are today. Hope the plugs will help me with my severe DES. I will also start with Restasis. Will be posting how things go from here.

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    I would encourage you to plug your uppers too and see if that resolves your problem in plugging the lowers doesn't work. It's worth a shot at least. Good luck!


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      If you do so, I would encourage not to get the Smartplugs. If anything goes wrong (toxic tears pool on the eye), they can't be removed without much difficulty. Maybe do some temporary dissolvables to see how it feels first. Not to scare anyone, but I had the whole toxic pool problem when I plugged all four ducts a few years ago, and I had to have the bottom ones removed--they were not Smartplugs, thank goodness.