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  • Fran
    Many thanks for your welcomes and replies

    I started cleaning my eyelids two days ago and I can feel an improvement already.

    Do you have any info here on how to cleanse them properly?

    All I am doing is wiping top and bottom lashes and under as far as I can with a cotton bud.

    The cold water feels good on my eyes.

    Should I buy an eye bath?

    Are there any eyedrops you can reccomend?

    Love Fran

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  • brd888
    Hello Fran,
    It is good that your doctor has given you a straight forward diagnosis. You must have a marked case of blepharitis. In my case it is not so obvious but I am 99% sure I have blepharitis. It took 18 months and several appointments with various medics before I came to this conclusion.
    You need to try various hygiene methods to find which works best for you - warm compresses followed by any lid cleaning method.


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  • dianat
    I suggest getting an eye doctor appointment on your calendar every week for the rest of your life!

    Welcome, Fran. There's a wealth of information here. Sounds like your doc has you starting with just the right things. You might add warm compresses twice a day. You can search on this site and find a variety of methods for doing that.

    Best of luck.


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  • Fran
    started a topic Hello :)

    Hello :)

    Hello I just joined.

    I went to my doctors today and he thinks I have blepharitis.

    I googled and found this place

    I have been told to rinse my eyelid with bicarbonate of soda in boiled cooled water.

    He also gave me some anti histamines tablets of wich I have to have 1/2 a day.

    Doctor says I have scarring from styes I had when a child in my eyelid. These may be causing problems.

    I have had sore, itchy, swollen dry eyes since September, but each time I made a doctors app, they got better!

    Apparently blepharitis, comes and goes

    Anyways I hope to find some help in your posts.

    I want to be able to wear make up again!!