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Petition and getting dry eye noticed

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  • Petition and getting dry eye noticed

    Hi all, i was just looking at the petition comments and honestly felt like crying the amount of pain people are in, ive had that before last year when it was bad for me, is there any other ways we can get dry eye noticed, other than the petition? (it is being shared on facebook i think), but i was thinking is there any other social media things we can get this on eg... twitter? or something like that? Or a website that describes in detail about it and shows the link to the petition. Its just got me thinking... We need as many people to see it, before things start to happen. already, it has 718 people... which is ALOT already, but i was just thinking about maybe other ways. Because, i dont know what they've tried to enter to the FDA/EMA for approval in the last several years. It would be good to get this sped up a bit if possible, so it would mean less time about it. Because, for so many millions of people all over the world to be suffering daily with something like this, and it to be "minor" when you get different types/kinds from different reasons its just well... Completely horrible, imho all ive seen is this for an option for people to make money off us while we keep using something that may/may not work. As for the researchers whom, seemingly DO care about us, they are the ones that lack the funding, (maybe im wrong about those ones?) But anything that has a potential cure has no/to little funding at all. I thank the person who created the petition but, it just got me thinking. There are so many ages on here... some are as young as 5, and much older about 60 roughly. Imho, i dont want to be suffering this all my life, if i could deal with just allergies id be okay with that but im not. It's tore many people apart, you loose interest in what you liked to do, basically it makes you not want to do these things all because of certain reasons and would be nice if things could go back the way. I just find it horrible, that people see this as a way to make money, other than thinking "OH, thats another human being in pain, lets make money off them", (maybe im being too harsh), but after suffering just a little to 2 years im getting fed up/more depressed/cant even enjoy myself without thinking about my eyes/guilt and all the rest. Hope i dont seem too harsh ive just been thinking alot about this so, any advice would be great. Also, i am graphic design student which may/may not help. So yeah, any thoughts would be great. It's just tiring knowing many peoples suffer with little to no relief.

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    I've built a website about my journey. I've been creating videos, blogs etc. I have some website, search engine skills and harmonica. Really trying to help other sufferers and get the word out to other people.


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      I appreciate the reply, I'm going to ask my optremist to sign the petition and ask his patients aswell to sign it. I will have a look at your website. I'm annoyed at the lack of treatment, I'm already 2 years into it, and I'm not happy I'm nearly 20 and heavily depressed.