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  • Introducing myself

    Hey Guys!

    I would like to start my story by saying that how I always took care of my eyes; I always kept my phones brightness low, always watched TV from a distance. I still have a perfect 6/6 vision in both of my eyes but one thing I did not know about was how much important blinking was for our eyes.

    I have been a heavy gamer since a very young age, so I never really blinked enough but it was what I did 5 months ago, that according to Dr. ****** pushed my meibomian glands over the edge. I watched the whole first season of a TV show in just 2 days. 18 episodes on the first day, 9 on the second.

    My eyes became dry after just one day and have remained that way ever since.

    I have tried anti-bacterial eye drops, steroid eye drops, and I'm still taking omega-3 capsules but nothing seems to work.

    ​I did warm compression for the first time about a week after getting dry eyes, doing that imroved my condition by about 20%. I've been doing warm compressions after every 2 or 3 days but there has not been any further improvement.

    I have changed 4 doctors in the last 5 months. I want to get my eyes probed but nobody performs the procedure in my state.

    I'll be moving to Germany for my studies in February or March and I'm thinking about getting MGP done there but I'm afraid that my meibomian glands will get atrophied by then.

    Dry eye syndrome is a really terrible and unfortunate disease, and there has neither been much research done on it nor is there enough awareness about it. The creators and participants of this forum are taking care of both these things and I would love to be a part of it.

    Nice to meet you guys.


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    Usually doctors suggest 2 times a day for warm compresses so every 2 or 3 days may not be enough.

    You say you saw Dr. ******, are you able to go back to them for probing? From what I've heard on the forums they're a pretty big proponent of it. There's also IPL, Lipiflow etc. but make sure they use proper health and safety (e.g. cornea shields for IPL) and you're not contraindicated. Some use a device like Blephasteam at home.

    Other things for MGD might be eyelid hygeine to cleanse off the clogged oils and allow more to free flow. Hypochlorous Acid treatments such as Heyedrate, Hypochlor, Avenova. Wipes and foams such as Ocusoft Plus, Cliradex and other Tea Tree ones (e.g. Optase), etc. Gels such as iLast Hydraclean.

    A few members here found antioxidants helpful to make the consistency of their oils less thick. For example citrus green tea, lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin via diet or supplements.
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      Best is fix MGD/probing etc in USA, as in Europe the resources is limited in terms of everything, even lid cleaners, drops etc.
      Many European travel to USA for the treaments. You could find more info from this Forum.