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New allergy drop / ever possible for relief?

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  • New allergy drop / ever possible for relief?

    So, optremist had to write a new letter to my gp for the new allergy eye drop, my worry will i know it works properly? For months catacrom worked, because my last appointment in may everything seemed to cool down with allergies. But, now im slightly worried because, my tbut was 7/8 thats with catacrom, fish oil, and warm compress (and remembering to blink more). It's the highest its been in 4 years, but im worried this new allergy eye drop will work then stop working as good as its suppose to? I think for the routine to continue is fish oil, warm compress, allergy drop and hypotonic drop. I'm getting a bit desperate for relief, my signs of dry eye is basically always fine, and symptoms i barely have any symptoms apart from the odd burning from allergy or hypotonic drop. What else can i do for my oil glands? IPL in scotland doesnt seem to exist, and i didnt have funds for the research on it so missed my chance on that! Dont know what else to add/ do to maybe get full relief?