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HELP! Tests for MGD

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  • HELP! Tests for MGD

    Hi, I'm 22 and have dry eye nearly a year now. I'm going back to see my ophthalmologist on Tuesday as I have been using hyabak drops every hour and celluvisc nightly for the last 3 months without any improvement. After doing some research myself, I now have a good knowledge of the disorder and am distressed that my Doctor has failed to tell me what type of dry eye I have, either AD or MGD or a combination of both. I have been tested for AD but could anyone please tell me what tests I should ask to be done for MGD? I'm pretty sure this is my problem as I think I developed dry eye after taking roaccutane for 6 months a couple of years ago and would like to treat the problem instead of treating symptoms to no avail. Any advice would be really appreciated as I feel the Doctor doesn't quite understand me.

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        Originally posted by savino View Post
        For MGD: TBUT, lid expression, meibography, Lipiflow can measure the lipid layer but other instruments can too, maybe demodex test.

        If you think your problems are due to accutane then I would suggest you do a meibography to determine the state of your glands. Accutane can mess them up. No glands, no oil.

        Don't count on doctors too much.
        Thanks for the reply! Thats exactly what i needed to know. Il demand these tests when I see my doc next week haha