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  • Mild Mgd

    I've been on here a while looking at IPL/Lipiflow but cant get access to Lipiflow... So would IPL be an option for someone who has mild mgd? I'm already doing warm compresses once a week, fish oil (thera tears) daily, and lid scrubs only when I need it. Is there any other options for mgd? I think my main issue is how long it takes for my oil glands to produce the oil, rather than the quality as I'm young and barely any my glands are blocked (got a meibography at one point showing me this). Anything would help, I have no symptoms aswell, except for itching which I am treating but I am getting bothered by the redness in my eyes, I'm going to ask this at my next appointment because my clinical signs are better... But my eyes don't feel any better. I'm going to ask what my problem is because my bottom ones seem to be okay, just my top ones, had it for nearly 2 years and only getting the help I need. It just doesn't feel like my eyes are getting better, when I'm being told they are. I'm also trying to blink more but I have no idea if this helps mgd more Any help would be greatful thanks!