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Avenova with Neutrox™ 0.01% HOCL vs OCuSOFT HOCL 0.02% Eyelid and Eyelash Spray

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    i do have particularly sensitive eyes so i wouldnt be surprised if someone else does not have the same reaction. I'm just giving you my experience. i would give it a shot once and see what happens


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      Originally posted by Max View Post

      I'm using up my Avenova and then I'll give the OcCusoft a try and report back. The Avenova is very expensive and hard for me to buy from my doctor's office and you can't take a prescription to a pharmacy so since the tests were 0% problematic I am willing to try it and see how it goes. I costs a lot less and I can order it from Amazon .....
      Hi Max
      Hope your eyes are better now.
      Just curious if you are happy with OcuSoft HypoChlor with HOCI?
      Do you know if it contains sodium hypochlorite?

      I just found out two more items, for your info.

      Lid and Lash Cleanser by Heyedrate, Proprietary, pure Hypochlorous Acid (0.015%)
      ilast Hydraclean Gel (with 0.2% Hyaluronic Acid)

      According to Dr Paul M. Karpecki, OD, Jan. 2016
      ''iLast containing retinol palmitate & appears to be able to prevent keratin formation, which may play a role in meibomian gland obstruction.
      The use of hypochlorous acid has also been advantageous for patients suffering from Staphylococcal blepharitis''

      Thank you!


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        I have used both products and he Avenova is a much better product. The Ocusoft irritated my eyes after about a week using it so I went back to the Avenova, which my Doctor sells out of his office. I use it in the morning and before bed and my dry eye and blepharitius is forever gone!!! Thank you Avenova!!!!!