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  • Most comfortable drops ever..

    Just wanted to share to the DEZ community the most comfortable drops I've experienced so far.

    Hx: Post-LASIK (8 months) dryness and MGD.
    Current treatment: Restasis 2x day and 100% serum drops 4x day. Castor oil before sleep (this is the only thing that prevents eyelids sticking to eyeballs in the morning)

    Recently, I tried putting 100% food-grade almond oil in my eyes and to my surprise it was very comfortable/no stinging or redness. It is more viscous than castor oil for sure. So I put in ~5 drops into my vial of serum tears, and I like the combination of oil+serum better than serum alone. The melting point of almond oil is around 0 deg F, so it doesn't solidify in the refrigerator. I just shake my serum bottle to emulsify the oil droplets. It does cloud your vision for a few minutes, but I think you can experiment with the amount oil. Perhaps 5 drops was too much; next time, I'll try only 2 drops per 5 ml of serum.

    Note on restasis: I've been on it for 2 months now and I honestly have no idea if it's helping or not.

    Thanks for reading and take care.

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    Very interesting...F/G


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      excuse the ignorance. But what is 100% serum drops?


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        I have been looking for a light viscosity oil that is non-irritating but so far I have had no luck. I cannot use castor oil as it burns me very badly. How sensitive are your eyes? Do you experience any redness or irritation at all with the almond oil?


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          I'd say my eyes are pretty sensitive, but there's no irritation for me from castor oil.

          Almond oil works well. I don't have any irritation from it. I've heard sesame seed oil also works well and it's a very light oil.


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            Hi Andre,

            Serum drops are made from your blood serum. It is the liquid portion of your blood that doesn't have any platelets or red blood cells.