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rinsing with saline after cautery or plugs?

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  • rinsing with saline after cautery or plugs?

    Okay, I just read on a website (sorry I forgot to get the link) that if you get both puncta cauterized, you need to periodically flush your eye out with saline to rinse away dust and allergens. Does that sounds right? I've never heard that mentioned before. Those of you who are upper & lower cauterized (or upper & lower plugs I suppose would be the same thing), do you have to do that? How often?

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    I havent done that but it makes sense...but then I feel better without any drops because it seems to break up the oil/water mixture my eyes naturally create. Once i start with eye drops, the worse they get. So I guess if it doesnt hurt you it doesnt seem like a bad idea...imho