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  • eyeneedhelp
    started a topic Scleral Lens Question

    Scleral Lens Question

    I was diagnosed with MGD and have had issues tolerating soft contact lenses in the past because I would develop giant papillary conjunctivitis. Would it be impossible for me to tolerate scleral lenses as well or might it help with the dry eye and be comfortable. I really need advice. Thank you!
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  • Hopeforothers
    started a topic Hope for Others!

    Hope for Others!

    I came to this BLOG over 2 years ago. I want to thank all of you for posting and sharing. It let me know I wasn't alone. So many of you are so positive and helped keep me sane. I spent many nights reading on here for some light at the end of my dark tunnel. I suffered a living hell! If I could have...
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  • Any risks to serum drops inside slcerals?

    I've had a doctor recommend I put a one drop of my serum eye drops into my scleral before I wear them (particularly for my eye that underwent lasik flap lift surgery 3months ago). I've seen some posts from users on this site who do the same thing and seem to not have any problems with it. However,...
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  • Anyone tried Accu Lens MAXIM Sclerals?

    I'm 7.5 months post LASIK and considering Sclerals to help my severe dry eye. My (good, non-Lasik) doc suggested the PROSE lens but thought it made sense to wait until I get to 12 months out because of the high cost involved coupled with the possibility they may not help. He calls it a "soft...
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  • hosanna13
    started a topic PROSE vs Hybrid sclerals

    PROSE vs Hybrid sclerals

    Hi everyone,

    I hear a lot of talk on this forum for PROSE lenses, but not so much for the hybrid soft and hard scleral lenses such as those made by Synergeyes. I would imagine a hybrid lens would feel more comfortable than a completely hard one like PROSE, but I've never tried them so...
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  • Anyone been fitted with PROSE lens in Texas? (Brooke Army Medical Center)

    Apparently the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX fits them (according to the BFS website). Has anyone been fitted there? I will be there this summer, so I would like to see if I can get fitted this summer. Also, does anyone know the difference between PROSE vs scleral? My understanding is...
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  • Positive LASIK experience derailed by facial paralysis

    By all accounts my dry eye should be a result of LASIK. After all, I was a middle-aged female with severe myopia and large pupils. But my refractive surgery experience was overwhelmingly positive. A few months of mild dry eye and my eyes healed perfectly without even needing the enhancement I was warned...
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  • Ocular Rosacea and scleral lenses...

    I'm just wondering if anyone with ocular rosacea has had any success with PROSE or other scleral lenses. I'm curious to know if they can help reduce inflammation and redness of the eye (the eyeball itself, not the lid) or if they've made it worse for anyone. Any information/experiences would be great....
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  • New to scleral lenses - information and a ?


    First thanks to all of you who post - it is so helpful. I would never have known about scleral lenses but for this website. When I saw an eye doctor out of town for an executive physical the week before Thanksgiving he mentioned sclerals and because I had read about them on...
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  • Scleral lenses and night time ointment

    Hello. Is there anyone who wears the PROSE lenses who also uses the lubricant ointments at night time? How do you deal with the oily residue smearing on the surface of the lens? Is there a trick to rinsing them off before putting the lenses in? I've been doing relatively well with the PROSE (great...
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  • alex123711
    started a topic Scleral Lenses?

    Scleral Lenses?

    I'm looking at getting scleral lenses, have tried everything so I guess a last roll of the dice.. i was going to go to the BFS but noticed they have international providers which would work out a lot cheaper.. but would I end up with the same results? I also looked up scleral lenses in Australia where...
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  • Scleral Lenses? (in Australia)

    I have extreme dry eyes caused by roaccutane, have tried everything including eye drops steroids, restasis, plugs, ipl, copmresses/ lidcare diet etc. Yet things have only got worse, the only thing left I can think of is scleral lenses, I have a few questions for people in the know or who have tried...
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  • Rebecca:what are the key differences between BFS Scleral & others ?

    Rebecca hi:

    I've been reading about your and other folks wonderful experience with BFS Scleral, and after trying everything I could possibly think of (I might miss a few alternatives-so if u have ideas pls go ahead by all means), it seems to me that BFS scleral could potentially help...
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