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  • Boo
    started a topic New Member Intro

    New Member Intro

    I go by "Boo" on this forum.
    Turned 62 yesterday.
    I use prescription glasses for reading & computer,
    and another pair for distance/everything.
    Diagnosed with dry eyes about 5 years ago.
    Was using artificial tears constantly & had lacrimal plugs inserted...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Feeling fed up

    Feeling fed up

    Feeling the need to rant. I'm fed up of spending alot of money on things I don't know if they will Work, my eyes are getting more blood shot because I've had no relief in 4 years and im getting nervous that I might not be able to achieve that. My tbut has went backwards i think due to allergyour bumps...
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  • ejmc
    started a topic New & Searching for Suggestions

    New & Searching for Suggestions

    Iím about two years in to my dry eye sensation. I never experienced it until getting contacts (monthly ones). The best way to describe it is that my eyes feel as if I had fallen asleep in my contacts. Never red, sometimes slightly itchy, but more so just, my lids feel stuck to my eyeball.
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  • jess
    started a topic Gina here

    Gina here

    Hello. I am new to the forum and am grateful for it. I just made my first post. I have dry eye syndrome, bad enough I've had my share of corneal abrasions. My eyes hurt especially when the weather is very dry. I have to tape my eyes at night because they also do not close all the way now. It has grown...
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  • phenix01
    started a topic Starbursts during the DAY! Help!

    Starbursts during the DAY! Help!

    I've posted about this before but forgot to stress one point, my visual symptoms are not only at night but also during the day! Hence nothing to do with pupil size.
    When I look at bright car lights during the day, I will see a huge but thin starbursts surrounding it. This happens when my pupil...
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  • hosanna13
    started a topic Anyone here using amniotic drops?

    Anyone here using amniotic drops?

    Wanted to see if anyone here has been using amniotic drops such as Regener-eyes or Genesis for dry eye or other ocular issues and what their experience has been. I'm interested in trying them out, but they do not seem to be widely available. I'm curious to find out how people have been getting them...
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  • Dry Eyes - Symptoms almost gone!

    So Ií'll quickly do a short rundown on my dry eyes.

    It started roughly 3 months ago where my eyes got incredibly sensitive to screens. Using computers and going on my phone was very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. My eyes felt like they were burning, stinging and achey.

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  • Back to Square One, 5 years post-LASIK

    Background: LASIK in 2013, immediately had severe DE. My haunch is that I've always had subclinical MGD that became apparent after I became aqueous deficient post-LASIK. After trying almost every drop known to mankind (Restasis, serum tears, etc) and scleral lenses (by Dr. G, which I couldn't tolerate...
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  • Zephyrus
    started a topic Introducing myself

    Introducing myself

    Hey Guys!

    I would like to start my story by saying that how I always took care of my eyes; I always kept my phones brightness low, always watched TV from a distance. I still have a perfect 6/6 vision in both of my eyes but one thing I did not know about was how much important blinking was...
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  • Hello - RCE and Map Dot Dystrophy - Help Please

    Hello, Iím Carl a 44 year old male from the UK and a year ago I started getting these excruciating pains in both my eyes which after numerous attendances to a&E and the emergency eye clinic I now know are recurrent corneal erosions.

    The drops help throughout the day, Hycosan Extra work...
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  • Introduction - Dry Eye, MGD, & Blepharitis, Oh My

    Hi, Everyone. I have found your posts to be very valuable, not to mention courageous, and so thank you for enlightening me with your experiences. Now that I'm joined, perhaps you may have some insights or advice?

    My story goes, I had been diagnosed with dry eyes many years ago but I never...
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  • Would I be able to survive as an English teacher with dry eyes?

    Hi everyone,

    I've been suffering from post-lasik dry eyes for four years, and computer work is only bearable for a few hours; and some days I can only last for 30 minutes before massive headaches, blurriness, and eye pain kicks in, which can take days to recover fully.

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  • Should I go to Sankara Nethralaya for post-lasik dry eyes consultation?

    A doctor recommended that I should consult Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, about my post-lasik dry eyes. I would like to know whether this eye hospital is worth booking a ticket and travelling to. Are there any dry-eye (preferably post-lasik) success stories, or even the unfortunate ones, you have experienced...
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  • heamjaa
    started a topic My Post-LASIK Dry Eyes Story

    My Post-LASIK Dry Eyes Story

    Hi everyone,

    I'm so thankful for finding this community of fellow dry eye patients!

    The story of my dry eyes cut short is that I underwent Lasik 4 years ago, and up until now, my eyes still need watering daily - averaging 4 vials of Systane Ultra daily. As per three doctors,...
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  • Anyone tried scope fish oil

    Heyo! Havent been on here in ages, just a question of interest. Has anyone tried scope fish oil? My optremist did recommend this, if thera tears didnt fully take effect. Been on thera tears since end of may, along with catacrom in july, and not so much doing warm compress or eye drops. My eyes feel...
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